Inventory and Logistics Management

The E-commerce world is evolving and growing at an enormous pace. And Amazon stands as the kingpin of online marketplaces. Improper inventory management can make or break a seller. At Navigo, we have expert professionals with mastery in the art of inventory and logistics management on Amazon. Get ready to follow the best inventory management practices to have higher Amazon ratings and better Account health.


Professional Amazon Inventory and Logistics Management

Inventory and logistics is an ongoing process and requires constant review. Our dedicated team of professionals keeps a close eye on the process to maximize results. Our customer-centric and data-driven approach allows us to maintain a healthy inventory portfolio throughout the year. We regularly assess our strategies and stay on top of Amazon’s policies and algorithms. This allows our team to adapt to changes at a moment’s notice without disturbing the inventory flow.

We understand the consequences of poor inventory management and how it can lead to severe losses. Our hands-on approach mitigates the risks of inventory failure before it becomes an issue. We pay strict attention to inventory planning and optimizing Amazon IPI scores. Hence, a smooth-flowing process with no redundancy in the inventory.

Amazon Based FBA

From time to time, Amazon introduces new policies and tools to merchants for optimized and efficient inventory management. Our experts are well-versed in these tools and policies; they understand the intricacies of the procedures. These tools sometimes act as a game changer in the inventory management journey. The latest introduction of Amazon FBA also allows the seller to handle inventory storage, packaging, and shipping efficiently. FBA comes with a minimal amount of fees, however, it can streamline the complete process for faster shipping options.

Inventory forecasting

No more out-of-stock issues or aging inventory. Weekly reassessments predict the perfect amount of each product for your next shipment.

Inventory support

From the manufacturer to the fulfillment center, we resolve any errors along the way to set you up for success

Aging inventory

Equipped with a strategic plan, we help you clear out aging inventory with minimized impact to your bottom line

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