Amazon DSP Advertising Management

Developing comprehensive full-funnel strategies to engage shoppers at every point in their journey.


Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform)

Amazon DSP is part of the Amazon advertising umbrella. It allows sellers to buy well-intended and targeted display and video ad placements. DSP previously known as Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) enabled sellers to not only reach or educate but also re-engage customers. With the right help, DSP can work wonders on any brand’s advertising campaign. 

At Navigo, our expert professionals are trained and experienced in taking full advantage of the platform. They can bring the best results while precisely targeting the audience at the right time and place. We understand the importance of standing out in the crowd. That is why our strategies are customized based on your specific brand and its unique demographics.

DSP offers a platform where guiding a potential customer from awareness to purchase is easy for a well-trained professional. With the help of its multi-channel reach, advertising is not only limited to Amazon, rather it can be done across the web.

At Navigo, our team of designers creates eye-catching designs and content, which are then strategically placed to grab the maximum attention and bring conversions. We make full utilization of available resources to bring out the desired results.

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