Defending Your Brand: The Power of Brand Protection

Stay unburdened from the shadows of imitators and counterfeiters. Amazon brand protection is an undefeated tool to weed out the bad apples from the lot.


How to protect your Brand?

Amazon is a fast-paced e-commerce platform. It offers a perfect synchronization between the buyer and seller. Amazon is a trusted marketplace for billions of consumers and sellers across the globe. In today’s era, where everything is global, a brand is much more than a name or a logo. It has become a valuable asset. It takes tremendous effort for a company name to become a trusted brand.

Well, where there is popularity, there are bad actors, too. After gaining brand recognition, the brand often becomes a target for counterfeiting and online infringement. Amazon offers its merchants a wide range of brand protection solutions to safeguard the brand. Amazon brand protection is the guardian of your brand’s legacy.

Amazon Brand Protection - What Does it Include?

Being a trusted partner to so many buyers and sellers, Amazon strives to be a better marketplace. At Navigo, we understand the effort required for brand protection and have the necessary skill sets to safeguard the same. With the help of Amazon's evolving policies and algorithms, our team works hard to keep the brand and consumers safe from fraud and abuse.

Here are some of the steps included in Amazon brand protection:

Technical Advancements
Amazon constantly works on advancing technologies in order to weed out imitators and counterfeiters.
Brand Registry

This helps you to register your intellectual property. It also offers a set of tools to protect and build the brand.


As they say, prevention is better than cure. Here, Amazon brand protection tools detect, prevent, and remove the bad actors.

Project Zero
There is no full stop on the protection process. Project Zero ensures 100% removal of counterfeits and imitators.

Case Studies